Accurate measurements are crucial when buying window blinds

Over recent years window blinds have romped ahead of curtains in the window furnishing stakes and sales of blinds now outstrip those of traditional curtains.  Stylish, durable and cost-effective, window blinds can look absolutely stunning, however to ensure that your blinds look great, careful measuring is essential before you make a purchase.

window blind measurement

Measuring for window blinds needn’t be really hard

A wide range of different styles of window blinds are available; from simple roller blinds designed to offer privacy in the bathroom or bedroom, through to ornate Roman blinds made from luxurious brocade or velvet.  Many styles of blind can be fitted either inside or outside the window recess; however some styles of blind, such as wooden venetian blinds, look best when fitted inside the recess.

As I’ve already mentioned, accurate measuring is essential when buying window blinds.  You’ll need to begin by deciding whether you want your blind to fit inside or outside the recess.  For a blind that will be fitted inside the recess, you’ll need to ensure that there isn’t anything on the window – for example a handle or catch – that could prevent your blind from hanging freely.  Ideally the recess should be at least three inches deep to be wide enough to accommodate the rolled up blind or the operating mechanism in the case of Venetian, panel or Roman blinds.  The next step is to measure the height of the recess and the width of the recess.  Make sure you use a metal tape measure as fabric ones are prone to stretching and can be inaccurate. It’s a good idea to do this in several places across the height and width to allow for any irregularity or variation in the shape of your window.  The smallest measurements are the ones to note down.

If you’d prefer your blind to hang outside the window recess, you’ll need to decide how far you’d like the fabric of the blind to overlap the edges of the recess.  I’d recommend that you opt for an overlap of at least two inches to ensure the blind hangs well.  Measure the width (if you are measuring for a roller blind, don’t forget to take into account the operating mechanism) followed by the length. Take your measurements to the nearest millimetre for maximum accuracy, and again you’ll need to make sure you use a metal tape measure.

So what are you waiting for?  Measuring for window blinds really doesn’t need to be daunting!  Simply arm yourself with everything you need, check and double-check your measurements and you’ll be ready to go! Check out these older window blinds as well at the Geffrye